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Juliet Rabbit
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November 2011
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Juliet Rabbit [userpic]

Im baaa~aack!

This entry is backdated from Monday because we only just got our interwebnets this morning.

Wow! What an adventure that was..Okay lets see...Where to start.

This place is amazing. Its warm, its sunny, its clean, I have everything I need right at my fingertips (such as Target, and Gamestop, and Subway) I've already seen 4 kinds of animals that we dont get in Indy...Geckos are the new pests..if you can even call them that (I already caught one, but his tail broke off when I picked him up) and I've got palm trees out my windows, and everywhere else I look...*sigh* Its just generally good here =3

On the day I left, my parents both came over early in the morning to see me off...I finally cried. My mom started up about 10 minutes before she had to leave for work, which got me crying too...My dad gave me about 5 minutes to stand at the front door with my head against the glass sobbing before he had to get going too...And then he started crying too, which made me just cry harder...I didnt expect either of them to cry over me really. I was honestly a bit suprised.

Not long after that Patrick and Co arrived, and it didnt take long to load the truck at all. Once we were on the road, the first day just seemed to breeze right by. We made it all the way to the end of Kentucky the first day before calling it a night. The hotel was pet friendly so Buggy came in to run around along with everybody else. That was interesting to see. My cat running around a hotel...Things like that just dont look right, lol.

The next morning we gathered up all our stuff and headed on through Georgia. That day seemed to go on for a while...Boring drive, not much to do. After about 2 hours of driving Patrick got in touch with Josh and they discovered that he was driving only about 30 miles ahead of our pack...So he pulled up to a gas station where he was to wait for us so we could carry on as a group...

Then Pat passed the phone to me, at which point Josh asked me to switch cars and ride with him. I wasnt sure at first because I was comfy, and I didnt want to have to load and re-load all my shiz. But in the end I did end up switching and finishing the drive with Josh....God I missed him. The first thing I did before I even said hello was give him a big giant tackle hug. Im so glad he's around again...There need to be more people like Josh in the world.

Anyway, we ended our drive for the evening yesterday when we reached just outside of Orlando. Upon arriving at the hotel, everybody was cranky and annoyed with life...Especially me. And naturally finding out that the hotel Pat's parents booked was NOT pet friendly this time didnt help...I was tired, and all I wanted to do was shower the sweat off myself and go to bed.

Not happening. Josh had plans to cut out and stay with a friend overnight, and I WAS going to stay at the hotel with everyone else but because of not wanting to leave Buggy...I ended up going to Josh's friends house with him to sleep. Halfway through the hour and a half drive to get there Josh discovered his friend is allergic to cats, but he had a screened in porch Buggy could stay in.

I put him out there for the night, even though I didnt want to, but it was so mind numbingly hot in that apartment, that I ended up grabbing a blanket and pillow and slept out there with him instead. I was just happy to be able to be outside without listening to those fucking mexicans, or stare at nothing but trash..So, I was sure to take advantage of my new freedom.

Unfortunately after sleeping for an hour I woke up shivering and had to come back in. I dont think i've slept for more than 4 hours at a time since before I left. So far the effects havent shown themselves yet but im sure they will.

When we were in Kentucky we kept driving past tourist trap signs advertising caves. I made an offhand comment to Patrick while he was driving that I had never seen a cave in real life before. He smirked at me and I didnt know what his problem was, but he ended up picking up his cell phone and asking his mom to take a detour for some fun.

I got to hike through Mammoth Caves. It was so so soooo amazing. Absoloutly gorgeous and completely unlike any experience i've ever had. Some areas were truely terrifying to go through...There were parts of the trail where I had to duck down, and scoot sideways to get through, and both my butt and my chest touched the wall at the same time...Other times we were about 100some feet up on nothing but a dinky metal staircase. We ended up hiking about 2 miles up and down STEEP inclines.

I was so scared in the beginning that my legs tensed...After the first 10 minutes, my legs had just turned to jello, and for the rest of the trip I could hardly keep up....I felt like my knees were going to give out any second so I had to go slow or they would have....When you're on a staircase thats a foot and a half across over an endless black hole, falling isnt the smartest of things to do. The smell down there was amazing....You never really understand what the term "crisp smelling" is actually like until you experience it yourself. It was so clean, and so...GOOD...Imagine what air that's never seen a car, never seen exhaust or trash, or any sort of waste smells like...Its just...indescribable. Its hard to believe that air used to be like that all over the world...Anyway-

Here it is Monday, and my legs still hurt. My thighs ache SO bad...I have to psych myself up for the pain every time I have to get down on the floor for something. As soon as this goes away, Im off to go job hunt. Josh gave me a brief tour last night and my god...there's EVERYTHING here! I cant wait to go explore.

Today we got our apartment, signed the paperwork, and each got a set of keys, and a gate card. We ended up getting a floor level place...My aching legs were glad for that one...More then you know. Ten minutes after arriving I spotted my first lizzard. He was a fast little fucker..Holy crap! He wanted to come in lol. If I ever manage to catch one, he's going to become a pet >3

We went to Target after 95% of the truck was unloaded and the first thing I bought was a fan. For serious. Its been on since the hour I arrived and I have no plans to turn it off any year soon.

And so..after all that, it brings my update to the present. Im the only one who is 99% completely unpacked and set up. I have one more box of computer desk stuff to find places for, then I just have to collapse my empty boxes, hang my pictures and Im done.

Buggy survived the trip without a single solitary incident. Im actually a little shocked..He did better then I ever could've hoped. He didnt yowl, didnt pee on anything, didnt try to run away..He just curled up and chilled, looking out the window...Ocasionally he came up with a few things to say, especially if me and my driver-pal at the time got loud giggling or something, but he always quieted down again after a while.

I have pictures of this entire affair...Didnt get as many from the road as I thought I would since I figure everybody has seen enough trees in their lifetime to know what they look like whizzing by down the highway.

Click the cuts to see moutains, caves, animals, and all kinds of other goodies, including the apartment and my space.

home 009.jpg

home 010.jpg

home 022.jpg

home 024.jpg

home 025.jpg

home 027.jpg

home 031.jpg

home 033.jpg

home 038.jpg

home 040.jpg

home 042.jpg

home 043.jpg

home 046.jpg

home 048.jpg

home 051.jpg

home 068.jpg
Standing at the front door looking right

home 069.jpg
Looking left

home 070.jpg
Into the kitchen from under the track lights in the previous photo

home 071.jpg
Peering over the bar-hole thingy

home 072.jpg
My room in the corner by the window

home 079.jpg
The immediate view out my window

home 073.jpg
My bathroom

home 074.jpg

home 075.jpg
Laundry room in between my bathroom and bedroom

home 076.jpg
Patty-Cake's bedroom from the doorway

home 077.jpg
Patty-Cake and Josh's bathroom from the doorway across from the bed

home 082.jpg
Our patio which has since been closed off and screened in since we've been here, and Josh being a lovely model.

home 084.jpg
My room before unpacking

home 086.jpg
My room after unpacking


home 056.jpg

home 057.jpg

home 059.jpg

home 066.jpg
The first wildlife I saw upon arriving. I dont know what he is unfortunately.

home 003.jpg
There was a kids dinosaur park thingy across the street from Mammoth caves.

home 005.jpg

There was a tricerotops too but I couldnt get a picture.

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... where are you my lovely? I has missed so much and i find out that in 08 you moved to Florida? and you didn't put it on my journal??? Okay, well, my OLD journal?

And Georgia isn't THAT boring lol... just the driving bit.