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November 2011
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Juliet Rabbit [userpic]

Alright...I figure its finally time to update this thing.

Karl and I are officially married. I am Mrs. Jennifer Smith. And I'm still getting used to my new signature...I hate cursive. Just sayin'.

On the day of the wedding, I got off to a good start. Got up early and made my way to my old neighbor's house to get my hair done. She's also my 'adopted Grandma' and my matron of honor. And she likes to talk. A lot.

So I got there nice and early to get my hairs did, and that went well....Then we proceeded to chat for almost a half hour. Oops! By the time we were done, it was almost 1pm. The wedding started at 4pm and I still had to go home, load up the cake, and then drive to the venue!

So I packed up my shit, hugged her goodbye and then ran like a bat out of hell to get everything else ready on time. When we arrived at the venue, my parents, and my mom's boyfriend were already there setting up. We discovered that despite me calling IndyParks 2 days in advance to make sure- that the stupid picnic tables they were storing in the pagoda had not been moved. Somehow, I knew that would happen. And there wasn't just one or 2 either...There were like, 15 of the fuckers...And they all weighed a metric ton. It took me, and 2 grown men just to move one....And we ended up moving them ALL. That put me in a pretty shitty mood.

About 2 hours before the wedding itself, some of my friends, and their boyfriends arrived and they let me put them ALL to work. I don't think I would have been done in time if it wasn't for them. They were such a big help.

So we rushed around like crazy and we finished getting things set up just after 4pm. I dissapeared into the moving truck my mom rented just as people started arriving so I could change. The photog came early and snatched Karl up for photos right away.

Lots of people came to the wedding. I was a little surprised actually. People I never really expected, like Karl's REALLY old grandma. Naturally there were people I WAS expecting that didn't show but for the majority, everybody showed up. All the vendors were on time or early, and all of them had really great service. I was so lucky that in that regard, everything went flawlessly.

We started the ceremony at 4:30. I read about a tradition where starting the wedding ceremony and saying your I DO's with the clock hands on an upswing is good luck. So you and your husband can start your lives together moving up, not down.

Anyway, the ceremony went perfectly- except for a minor teeny weeny insignificant un-noticable hiccup where JUST as I stuck my foot out to start walking down the isle, a state trooper pulled up on the grass right beside us and said that we had to move all our vendor vehicles and the moving truck down to a different parking lot RIGHT NOW or be ticketed....

We told him we would and then waited for him to dissapear. My entire wedding line proceeded to call him lots of nasty names and generally be immature and bitter. I love my family.

We decided to walk first, and then move the vehicles right after. Thankfully ass-face didn't ticket anyone. During our vows I was so concerned with staring lovingly up at Karl that I forgot to listen for my cue to repeat after the officiant. Karl had to squeeze my hands to wake me up lol.

But aside from that it went nice and smooth.


After our vows and the "congrats you're a couple" stuff, we started dinner, and then moved on to do our toast and the cake. Apparently the park had some Halloween event for kids starting up at the same time...Which included REALLY loud scary noises...So as the best man was making his toast to us- screaming and demonic laughing started to fill the silence. I couldn't not laugh...And then once I started laughing, everyone else joined in too. It was.......special. Those sounds went on for the rest of the night...Screaming, evil laughing, obnoxious kids songs..and I mean these sounds took over the entire park. I couldn't even SEE the event..Behind our venue was a giant soccer field and the noises were coming from PAST that...So it was really far away. I can't imagine how deafening it must have been up close.

Our venue was ALSO right beside a playground, and beyond that a smaller pagoda where some charity thing was going on. Twice I had kids come up to the playground fence and stare slack jawed at me...And then once a young teenager came running up JUST to tell me how beautiful she thought I looked. I spent most of the night blushing for various reasons.

EVERYBODY had a freaking camera. Never in my life have I ever had so many cameras pointed at me before. Every kiss, every toast, every hug, every pose, was followed by a chorus of clicks and clacks from shutters. And then after that was the grind of cheap disposable camera winders lol. It was fun, but I was a little uncomfortable looking up at all the cameras. I would glance up quick, do a sweeping glance of all the lenses and then avert my gaze...I don't know why it was so hard for me but I've never really gotten used to crowds all staring straight at me like that.

Anyway, after food, and toasts came cake. I made the cake. It took me for forver and the night I tried to add the icing details I nearly threw my icing bag across the kitchen in tears. But I got it done. I like to work late at night and there was even an instance where I had to WAKE KARL UP at 2:30am to help me roll out some fondant because I was just so exhausted and cramped up that I couldn't do it. I vowed right then and there that I'll never use fondant ever again for as long as I live unless its for a door stop, or a deadly flail.

(please don't look at it too hard...People tell me I'm too hard on myself but that thing shames me more and more the longer I look at it. So SO many mistakes. In a way I'm kinda proud of my accomplishment, but in every other, I wish I could say a professional made our cake)

Anyway...Cake was 3 layers. Bottom layer was spice cake and cream cheese icing. Middle layer was German chocolate cake with caramel icing that I hand mixed with extra coconut and pecans. Top layer, which we're saving is yellow cake and chocolate icing.

The German chocolate layer disappeared before I could even turn around. Luckily I was able to hide a piece behind the salad bowl before it was all gone...Though I didn't get to eat it until I came home that night.

The first damn thing I did when I got home was kick off my shoes and go lie down. I was so stinking tired! And as soon as I was down, I took apart my hairdo...Sixty-Three bobbypins total! Jan (neighbor/MOH/hairdresser) advised me not to try to get on any planes that night and I can totally understand why. Metal detectors in other STATES would probably go off. Here's what it looked like after I fell asleep in my hairspray and woke up at 2am.

Anyway...So I laid comatose until the next day. Karl and I had requested cash gifts so we might be able to go on a honeymoon at some point. We got $400 in 'donations' and made a vow to tuck it away and not touch it no matter what until we had enough to go to Florida and sit in the sand.

The very next day, we made reservations at Sybaris and blew all but $100 of it. We rented a deluxe whirlpool suite. It had a 5x7 whirlpool right in the main room, a steam room with 2 reclining chairs off to the side, a walk in shower, 2 godlike massage chairs and the most comfortable bed I've ever laid in.

We stayed there overnight and it wasn't anything kinky...It was mostly just a relaxing getaway without the constant barking of the dogs, and cats walking on our faces every time we were reclined. We snuggled, ate candy left over from our candy buffet, watched movies, shared a bubble bath and traded foot rubs. (which is something I've always wanted to do, but its impossible in a regular tub) It was hands down, the most EPIC bubble bath I've ever had in my entire life. I MUST have one of those tubs some day. I've promised myself...First house we own, and I'm getting one of those suckers. AND a massage chair. Hell, I might just move into Sybaris. They'll need a crowbar to pry me out of that room!


So yeah....'The Honeymoon's Over' as they say and now we're back home business as usual. The photog says that he's super busy and will have the photos to us in about 2-3 weeks. He took over 1000 in 2 and half hours so I don't blame him. That doesn't mean I'm crazed with anticipation and eagerness to see them but still...He sent us a couple to tide us over until he's finished, and this was one of them:

I'll be sure to share them when I get them and until then, Goodnight! <3



Awww Lovely~!

Dawww Congratulations to the both of you.

So lovely! Congratulations!

CONGRATS! (we now share a last name)