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Juliet Rabbit
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November 2011
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Juliet Rabbit [userpic]

 Oh my god. If anything could EVER be more...entertaining then what just happened, I dont know what it would be.

There's a busted water pipe out front, so they've been turning the water on and off all day. I just flushed my toilet and a SPRAY, not a trickle, or an overflow...but a SPRAY of water BLEW the top off my toilet, soaked the floor, the ceiling, soaked the whole damn bathroom..and I went running outside with my half finished costume on (which consists of bright blue plaid pajamas, pigtails with cutesy lace ribbons in my hair, and stitches drawn around my neck and flipped out at the workers going "OMGWHATTHEFUCK! WHATSHAPPENING?? IGNORE THE COSTUME HELPHELPHELP!"

Now that its stopped and the bathroom is dripping with leftover water, im hysterical..that must've looked so STUPID! ahaha!

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